Luggage transport service for participants

Once it has been placed inside the race bags issued by the event organiser, the participant's luggage (clothing etc.) will be labelled with the relevant bib number by the event organiser and transported from Gmunden to the refreshment point in Ebensee or from Ebensee to the finish line in Gmunden (to be handed over before the starting line in Gmunden or at the starting area in Ebensee).  

Handover of headlamps

Headlamps can be handed in at the Traunstein Gedenkstein (Traunstein memorial stone) checkpoint and at the entrance to the Traunstein Naturfreundesteig track. These can be subsequently collected from the operator of the luggage transport service at the finish line (to be collected please). Please make absolutely sure that your headlamps are labelled with your name and bib number using waterproof ink.

We are extremely grateful to Katherl for its assistance with the luggage transport service.